Third Draft Finished

writingI set myself a deadline of last night to finish up my third draft, and I made it! I had a three-day weekend to help matters, and I mainly stayed inside in my jammies and worked on it. Sunday I felt like I needed to see the whole thing printed out, so I started printing the 359 page print job and ran out of ink. Got dressed and ran to Office Depot and got black ink and more paper (cuz I think ahead) and came back. Then 24 pages shy of being done, I ran out of black ink a-gain. Got some eyebrows cocked returning to Office Depot.

Anyway, did a quick polishing, big picture read through and finished that yesterday afternoon and then input some last-minute critiques I received at (my ending still needed work!) and got those typed in.

I had a severe crisis of faith reading it though. The This-is-crap feeling. I think I’ve just been too close to it for too long and now I’ve lost all objectivity. Tonight it will get formatted and sent to my beta readers, so maybe NaNoWriMo is coming at a good time to give me the space I need from this piece.

Anyone else go through a love-hate swing during revision?

Photo by Rae Grimm (bloodylery)

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  1. Awesome. Congratulations!! Your beta-readers are in for a treat.


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