Weekend Grab Bag – From Writing Tips to Oppan Klingon Style (Gangnam parody)

Song playing right now on my playlist: “I Shall Believe,” by Sheryl Crow

Writing and the Writing Life:

Romance Writers:

In Geekdom:

  • And I’ll leave you with this KLINGON STYLE (Star Trek Parody of PSY – GANGNAM STYLE) – h/t: @geekgirldiva — they’re even singing it in Klingon (turn on subtitles)!
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  1. Kristal Hollis

     /  October 13, 2012

    Klingon Gangnam is hilarious. I didn’t appreciate the humor of the Gangnam style (which my hubby is constantly trying to indoctrinate me into) but the Star Trek twist showed me the light. 🙂

  2. I’ve managed to avoid all the Gangnam Style…er, whatever it is, but I couldn’t resist this one. LOL! And thanks for linking to my post!

  3. Oh, and it should go without saying, Roomie, but I’ll say it anyway… 🙂 I’ll share a book festival booth with you anytime–just as soon as I get published. LOL!

  4. Angela, great links. So, how does it feel to be agented. For me it was like weight being lifted off my shoulders, but also like a part of my job was missing. No more querying.

  5. Loved the article about how not to be awkward at book festivals!


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