Book Monday: Gifts for Book Lovers – Literary Board Games!

Over at Flavorwire last week, they collected ten board games for book nerds, and I thought I’d share them, but with the links to purchase. I also found some more!

The sharp eye of a fellow Austenite alerted me to the article, due to this:

pandpgameA Pride & Prejudice Board Game!

Totally want. Want one too? You can get it for $36 + shipping. Here’s the official blurb:

Attend a ball at Netherfield, take tea at Rosings or stroll through the gardens at Pemberley as you experience Regency life and test your knowledge of Jane Austen’s most beloved novel. Will you linger in Meryton or pine for the amusements of London? Perhaps you’ll astound your opponents with your superior knowledge of the book. Alas, your progress may be deterred by anything from a bit of slipped lace to a scandalous elopement.

Marriage is the Object
Elizabeth and Darcy, Jane and Bingley, Lydia and Wickham or Charlotte and Mr. Collins–pick one of four couples from the novel and maneuver them separately or together through town and countryside. Be the first to collect all game tokens, then race to the Parish Church to marry and win the game!

Here’s more!

Which ones do you want? Which ones would you like to see be a board game?

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  1. writingmom2013

     /  January 21, 2013

    What a great idea! Of course, I want the Pride & Prejudice game. I am also intrigued by the Shining game.

    Thank you for sharing the idea & the links!

  2. I’d love to play Jungle Book and well as P & P.

  3. So much to love! I’d like several of those games. Thanks, Angela. I went to that article before but couldn’t get it to show me anything past the fourth game. Must have been just my computer. I’m glad to see some favorites among the rest of the list.

  4. Great list! I have some friends who’d go nuts for the P&P game. I’d love to see a game adapted from one or more of Poe’s works.

  5. I want it!! How did I never hear of this P&P game before?!?!


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