There’s More to Paranormal Than Fang, Fur and Wings

Today I’m over at Paranormal Unbound with a post called “There’s More to Paranormal Than Fang, Fur and Wings.” Are non-creature but otherworldly stories paranormal? Is there room for time travel and the like? Come on over and visit and give your opinion!

Paranormal Unbound

Hi, I’m Angela, and I don’t write about supernatural creatures. (LOVE to read them though!) What the heck am I doing on a paranormal group blog then? Good question.

There seems to be a prevailing belief that paranormal romance is purely a romance involving some kind of supernatural creature, be it vampire, were, angel, demon, or what-have-you. And the sheer numbers of these stories out there help reinforce this conclusion. Many of them are wonderful explorations into what it means to be different, or human, and synthesizing or creating complex myths and worlds.

It’s so pervasive, I can’t tell you the number of times my time travel romance MUST LOVE BREECHES was dinged by a contest judge for “not being a paranormal romance” and so shouldn’t have been entered in that category. But let’s step back. What is the definition of paranormal? If someone hurtling through time is not “beyond the…

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  1. Great reminder, Angela. Amanda Quick writes Victorian paranormals that have nothing to do with shapeshifter, any of the other things.

  2. Great post! Thanks for reblogging. 🙂


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