It’s RITA month on ParaUn–Open Thread

Today I’m doing Genre Talk over at Paranormal Unbound. Come check out the diversity of paranormals up for the RITA– Let’s talk paranormal & RITA!  Have you read any of these yet? Do you feel they represent the best of the Romance genre? Do any of them push past the stereotypes of the genre? Do any break the rules, redefine the genre and are stuffed full of awesome?

Paranormal Unbound


We’ve already started spotlighting some of the paranormal finalists in Romance Writer’s of America’s annual award, the RITA, with RITA Celebration on Paranormal Unbound: Ghost Planet by Sharon Lynn Fisher, A Chat With RITA Finalist J.T. Geissinger, and Interviewing RITA Finalist – Maggie Shayne and while we can’t cover all of the finalists, we’ll do our darndest. But at least we’ll officially kick it off today by spotlighting what RWA has deemed the best of the genre as it relates to paranormal fiction.

While there are eight slots for the Paranormal category, books that fit in the paranormal genre actually garnered seventeen of thirty-three eligible slots (The Haunting of Maddy Clare finaling in both Best First Book and Novel with Strong Romantic Elements)!  In fact, three of the four YA finalists are paranormal, as well as three of the eight Best First Books,  two in Novel with Strong Romantic Elements…

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