A Conversation with RITA Finalist Cynthia Eden

Today on Paranormal Unbound, I chat with RITA finalist Cynthia Eden! Have you had a chance to read The Fallen series yet? What do you like most about them? Stop by and join the fun!

Paranormal Unbound

Happy Friday everyone! I’m so pleased today to welcome my fellow Gulf Coast Chapter RWA chaptermate Cynthia Eden to the blog today! I was so excited when they announced the RITA finalists to see she’d made the list for Angel in Chains! I really enjoyed her Fallen series and she agreed to let me grill, er, I mean, ask her polite questions! So without further ado–

13517402First, congratulations on being a finalist! Can you tell us a little about your Fallen series?

Thank you for the congrats! And thank you so much for interviewing me!  I’ve had such a wonderful time writing my Fallen books. The Fallen books are dark and sexy—filled with lots of twists and suspense. In those tales, my angels must confront an onslaught of human emotions—the angels feel emotions for the very first time when they lose their wings (and fall into the mortal realm).

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