Genre Talk: Is there room anymore for steampunk minus the magic?

I’m on ParaUnbound today talking steampunk–Has the genre bent so much that it has changed the face and expectations of what’s considered steampunk and no longer allows room for kicking it old school?

Do you read steampunk? What are your expectations when reading it? Why do you like it?

Paranormal Unbound

By Craig Hatfield (Nyah.  Uploaded by Fæ) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia CommonsI’m one of those that defines the paranormal genre as more than just creature fiction–anything that is outside of our normal world fits the bill for me, though I know some disagree, and that’s okay.

Being the analyzer that I am, when I set out to write my steampunk romance a year ago, I bought a Kindle book on how to write steampunk, in case I missed crucial elements from the books I’d read or from my appreciation of the cosplay aspect. It gave me some great ideas to work off of, but one thing stuck out for me, and that is, the writer said that one of the elements that needed to be present to be considered steampunk was an element of magic or that appear to be magic. This didn’t jive with what I’d read in the genre, or even with the antecedents in the likes of…

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