Subtext in Paranormal Tropes: A Conversation with Jami Gold

I’m on Paranormal Unbound today chatting with Jami Gold about subtext in paranormal tropes. What subtexts do you find intriguing in paranormal romance and/or urban fantasy? I know we only scratched the surface… Any good reads lately where you really enjoyed the subtext?

Paranormal Unbound

SubmarineTextHello, ParaUnbounders! Today we’re talking about a subject I just love to chat about so I was thrilled when I asked if Jami Gold wanted to be a guest on here and I asked her what topic, and she said, subtext!  Jami is one of my Beta reading buddies and she runs a great blog where she writes excellent blog posts on writing craft, but she doesn’t get a lot of chances to just talk about the paranormal genre, so I thought it would be fun to have her on here!

Angela: Hi Jami, welcome to Paranormal Unbound! Subtext always makes a story richer and one of those fun things to play with, or think about when reading any work of fiction. As you talked about recently in your blog, some people would be surprised to know that genre fiction, much less romance, contains subtext. Since we’re on Paranormal Unbound…

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