Weekend Writing Warriors – 10/13/13

www_bannerWelcome to Weekend Writing Warriors! For those new to this, fellow writers post eight sentences from one of our works. I’ve been revising my New Adult steampunk romance, STEAM ME UP RAWLEY, so I thought I’d share and give the next eight sentences following last week’s where the heroine (Adele) is at a fancy outdoor party, talking to her pet monkey and Claire catches her:

Claire raised her chin and eyed Loki. “Here’s a list of the guests. I’d appreciate it if you talked to all of them. Make sure to include the full menu. No one else has served individual servings of Charlotte Russe in champagne glasses.” She fingered her diamond bracelet. “The cherries were imported from the new state of Washington.” The last said with a bit of smugness.

I welcome all comments, even constructive crits. To join in the fun and see the other wonderful writers, go to Weekend Writing Warriors! Thanks for stopping by!

I’m looking for Beta readers for this story, so let me know if you’re interested!

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  1. Somehow I’m thinking that Adele probably wants to strangle her about now. Or wipe the smug look off of her face. I know I do…

  2. I agree with P.T. Great show of character here. 🙂

  3. I love it when you drop bits of unexpected timeline into your stories! Is it really 1889? Too cool!

  4. A bit of character is showing!

  5. Well Claire is a pain…why do I have a feeling the eventual writeup Adele does may be a bit snarky? Fun excerpt as always from this story!

  6. Claire needs a lesson in humility!

  7. Oh please wipe off her smug look. lol Great snippet!

  8. Wow, imported all the way from…another state. Please, Claire! Call me when you get French cherries, okay? I’m not liking her.

  9. siobhanmuir

     /  October 13, 2013

    Folks like that always make me want to smile with the grin of a bear. Great snippet, Angela. 🙂

  10. Fresh fruit all the way from Washington? Wonder how fresh it was by the time of the party.

  11. This seems so sophisticated. I could just look at Clair and go “What?”

  12. Charlotte Russe – hmmm good – smug bitch isn’t Claire? I mean claire is a smug bitch

  13. ha, love your word choices, Angela! I am really hoping you show us what Adele’s final writeup is 😀

  1. Weekend Writing Warriors – 10/20/13 | Angela Quarles | Geek girl romance writer

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