What We’re Reading: Transcendence by Shay Savage

Talk about pushing boundaries! I’m at Paranormal Unbound today talking about a book that is not only a caveman time travel, but is told entirely in the male POV, without dialogue, and the hero can’t learn language! Oh, and it had me in a blubbering mess when I finished it…

Paranormal Unbound

transcendenceEver since I read Transcendence by Shay Savage last month, I’ve been dying for my turn to come up to review here! If this book doesn’t meet our manifesto of looking for books that are different and push boundaries, I don’t know what does. Because, behold, this book is:

  • not just a time travel romance, but a CAVEMAN time travel romance
  • told almost in its entirety from the male POV (epilogue is in hers)
  • there’s little to no verbal dialogue
  • the male hero has no concept of language and is incapable of learning it

It’s also Exhibit A in the adage that you can break rules in fiction as long as it works. I mean, seriously, we’re told over and over to have dialogue. Dialogue is action. Dialogue moves the story forward. No dialogue in the first page is a no-no. Etc. Yet this book had no dialogue. And it worked…

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