Insecure Writer’s Support Group – I’ve caught the new writer malaise

It’s time for another edition of The Insecure Writer’s Support Group, hosted by Alex J. Cavanaugh. On the first Wednesday of each month, writers participate in this blog hop sharing their doubts and concerns and receive support from other participating writers. This is my first official post, since last month I wrote my first insecure-ish post and it happened to fall on the 1st Wednesday of January and so I hopped onto the back of the caboose.

I’m not plagued with a specific doubt or insecurity this month, but with an overall doubt or worry: how best to proceed from here as a new writer.

Maybe I’ll number them:

  1. I still hear the siren call of self-pubbing and I wonder if I’m dooming myself by going the traditional route. It’s scary to commit to a potentially three-year long arc to publication when the industry is changing so rapidly.
  2. I’m also intrigued by going indie – I already have one offer for a contract with an independent e-pub and I sometimes wonder if I should try that route.
  3. My dream is to go traditional, but I worry my novel isn’t good enough.
  4. Which pushes me to keep learning and learning my craft and revising and revising and revising. I really do need to be firm though and set a limit on the number of drafts because I worry I might be using this as an excuse to delay putting myself out there. For those that already think this (I’ve had some tell me this), I really do need to do one more draft to incorporate the last of my Beta readers’ input.
  5. I’m still insecure about letting the rest of my real-life friends know (some already do) that I’m writing a Romance. It’s such a misunderstood genre. I think once I have a contract, I’ll put on my Big Girl Panties and deal.
  6. I’m sure like all writers, I worry my characterizations aren’t deep enough and that my plot isn’t strong enough, which also leads to #4.
  7. And, of course, I worry I don’t have a strong enough logline, query, summary and pitch. I have one month to get those nailed down and my draft completed since I plan to go to the FF&P Conference the first weekend in March.

Whew! I think that’s enough, no?

What about you? What worries or doubts plague you right now? Any advice for me or other new writers?