Revision of Ending Complete, Or, be thankful for pushers

Photo by Rae Grimm (bloodylery)

After much gnashing of teeth and hair pulling and Funyun consumption, I finally strapped myself down in a chair and got some emotions out people. Lord, was that hard.

As I blogged yesterday in Struggling with Revising the End, this was hard for me. I was resistant. It was like someone was trying to force vegetables down my throat.
I typed in some changes here and there over the weekend and yesterday moved a whole chunk around, but then I realized what I needed to do. Print the dang thing out. Sometimes I just can’t revise on a computer. So I took the printout to the little sunroom off my library and with paper and pen scribbled away. This accomplished something else: it kept me away from compulsively checking Twitter, etc.
Finished and had a long talk with my mom after, who’d read Why I’m Happy My Mom Hates the Ending… and felt reaaaaalllly bad and I told her NO, I want honest feedback. I have to have someone I can trust for that! Anyway, typed in my revisions and with the thankful help of my awesome critique partner Susan at I finally got it wrangled into shape. I sent her my new revision and thankfully she said nope, still not there, keep pushing, dig deep. So back I went, etc. until she gave me a big smiley face. Whew! Oh, and I got a “good job babe!!!!!” from my mom (who, thankfully, is a Tough Cookie and not your typical ‘good job, dear’ kind of Mom). Double whew!
This back and forth led my critique partner Susan to message me this morning wondering if we’d ever be able to learn to push ourselves, because we’ve both been good at pushing the other. I don’t know the answer, but I honestly hope I’m never at that point. I want to be pushed. I think there’s a danger in not allowing others to push you. What do you think? Do you have a pusher?

Struggling with Revising the End


Photo by Rae Grimm (bloodylery)

Earlier this week I blogged about Why I’m Happy My Mom Hates the Ending… because it means she’d been emotionally engaged enough to be totally pissed at me for flubbing the ending.

Now I know why I flubbed it. Endings are hard. Writing emotions is hard. Both together?

Looking back, I remember that I’d totally skipped even writing it on the first draft. Second draft I wrote one of the scenes but skipped the other. And then once I finally wrote all of it, when I was revising my third draft and going over each scene in the whole draft, I kept flipping past these last ones. It was like, once I’d written them I really didn’t want to revisit them.

Now that I can no longer ignore it, it’s been funny watching myself procrastinating since Thursday. And boy am I good at that. Oh, I really need to refresh my twitter feed, it’s only been 30 seconds. And yes, I really do need to identify more of my friends on Picasa. Jeez.

Friday between my bouts of Procrastination Gymnastics, I managed to insert about six lines to help show Isabelle’s mental state. And then I had a great idea about how to make the ending work and went to bed to let it stew.

Yesterday at work I’d gotten a little bag of Funyuns as a snack and it wasn’t a big bag and it left me unsatisfied. So, on the way home I bought two more little bags and a can of dark chocolate covered cashews, hoping this would be incentive enough. Even though I had a new twist to punish my heroine further, I still procrastinated. Broke out the Funyuns. Munch, munch. Still procrastinating. Finally made myself write out this emotional awakening only to get to the twist and realized that logically it wouldn’t work, argh! I still like the twist so I’ve been brainstorming how to make it work. Will make myself write it today. I’ve got one more bag of Funyuns left.

Whoever said writing Romances is easy I suspect hasn’t really tried. Writing convincing emotion is not only extremely hard, but it’s also draining. At least for me.

Anyone else struggling with their ending?