Sometimes It’s All About a Match-Making Djinn, Or… It’s Not

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Paranormal Unbound

lamp_hiresA question that writers get asked a lot is “Where do you get your ideas?” and sometimes the answers can astound you with how deeply the rabbit-hole goes, and other times… not so much. Because sometimes the answer is, “I don’t know.”

For me, my current release Beer and Groping in Las Vegas barely qualifies as paranormal–it’s an erotic geek romance with paranormal elements by way of a matchmaking djinn and a magic slot machine in Vegas. But the paranormal only facilitates the romance between two quite human characters.

So did I set about to write a novelette featuring a match-making djinn? Nope. Not even close. Actually the whole project was a whim to take my mind off of my larger project at the time–I had just sent out my first round of agent queries for my full length time travel romance, Must Love Breeches, and I wanted to…

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